FingerWorks TouchStream

Stuff related to the FingerWorks TouchStream zero-force keyboard and pointing device.

Gesture Libraries

Application Exit fix

Fix the Exit macro used by the application exit gesture to generate Ctrl+Q in Emacs mode like in Linux mode.

Cheer emoticon

Add a \o/ cheer emoticon macro and bind it to the right hand spread thumb and pinky move up gesture.

Two-Handed Enter

Change the two-handed enter gesture to generate Enter instead of NumpadEnter.

XWinder for Sawfish

Limited XWinder-like functionality for the sawfish window manager (single hand gestures only).

Obsolete gesture Libraries

Application Switch fix (included in firmware 1.50)

Fix the Next App and Previous App macros used by the application switch gesture to generate the correct keyboard shortcuts in Linux and Windows mode like in Unix, Emacs and Mac mode.
To reverse the gesture direction to get the old behaviour, change the gestures (and not the macros).

Application configuration


Complement the default Tab bind with a Shift-Tab one to use the tab/backtab gesture to cycle through new or unread messages:

bind index	"\e[Z"		previous-new-then-unread	# Shift-Tab

Enable scrolling using the left and right spread finger slide gestures:

bind generic	"\e[6;5~"	next-page	# Ctrl-PageUp
bind pager	"\e[6;5~"	next-page	# Ctrl-PageUp
bind generic	"\e[5;5~"	previous-page	# Ctrl-PageDown
bind pager	"\e[5;5~"	previous-page	# Ctrl-PageDown

bind generic	"\e[6;3~"	next-line	# Alt-PageUp
bind pager	"\e[6;3~"	next-line	# Alt-PageUp
bind generic	"\e[5;3~"	previous-line	# Alt-PageDown
bind pager	"\e[5;3~"	previous-line	# Alt-PageDown


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