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Note that YAWn! Linux is for the old YAWn! service, there is no Linux client for the current YAWn! service yet.


YAWn! Linux is a client for the YAWn! service which keeps track of the names used by Return to Castle Wolfenstein players. Players are tracked by their unique PunkBuster GUID, thus players can not hide behind a fake name to play reckless or purposely misbehave.

YAWn! adds a console command to Return to Castle Wolfenstein that lists all players like PunkBuster does, but additionally displaying the other names this player used before, or for players that use YAWn! themselves, the name they registered under and a taunt message they chose.



YAWn! Linux is Copyright © 2003 Elmar Hoffmann. All rights reserved.
YAWn! Linux is being distributed as Freeware.

Return to Castle Wolfenstein, the Return to Castle Wolfenstein logo and the id Software name are either registered trademarks or trademarks of id Software, Inc..

PunkBuster is a trademark of Even Balance, Inc.



This is a self-extracting Loki setup executable, just like the one used by Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

YAWn! Linux requires at least GLib 2.2.2, GTK+ 2.0 and libcurl 7.10.0. They should be available as packages in most distributions.

YAWn! Linux installer executable (GnuPG signature)

Debian GNU/Linux packages

Sid (unstable)




See the NEWS file for major changes.


Please report any bugs to yawn@elho.net.


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