Pure CSS Antipixel style web badges

Web badges rendered purely by CSS that resemble the look of the Antipixel buttons style web badges.

They are meant to be a slightly more modern interpretation of that style, not an exact look-alike.

XHTML1.1 CSS3 IPv6ready! DublinCore GPLv2+ Irssinative!

Being pure CSS, one can quickly add new badges for any purpose without the need to come up with some graphics or deal with copyright and license issues when using some existing logo. Furthermore, license issues when e.g. including existing web badges in web applications that in turn could be included in Operating System Distributions are avoided. Finally, potential privacy issues when simply linking to an externally hosted web badge are avoided as well.


Original Antipixel buttons blog post by Jeremy Hedley

Standard Web Badge 90x15 px

W3C valid 80x15 web badges by João Ventura